Aches & Pains And How to Deal With Them

Aches & Pains And How to Deal With Them

Aches & Pains And How to Deal With Them
Does whiplash cause pain in the neck and nearby muscles?

Whiplash from a car accident or other event can result in sharp pain in the neck and surrounding muscles. Whiplash happens when the head is jolted forward and backward rapidly, pushing the neck vertebrae past their normal extension. When this occurs, the neck may respond by tensing the muscles so they are not overextended again. This response is natural for the body by protecting it, however, it can cause some serious issues. Those with whiplash may have headaches, back pain, chronic stiffness, bouts of dizziness, ringing in the ears, or more.

A physical therapist can help treat whiplash by examining the area and asking about the injury accident. Your therapist will assess posture, how you walk, and range of motion in the neck to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Most commonly, it is spinal adjustments (otherwise called spinal manipulation), that is utilized to correct spinal misalignments from the whiplash. 

If I wasn’t in a car accident, then why does my neck hurt?

Abnormal posture when you sit or stand along with spinal misalignments can create weight distribution on muscles that are not equal. This can produce chronic strain on the body. Anyone who has neck pain and is unsure why, can benefit from getting an exam by a reputable chiropractor or physical therapist in their town. Your chiropractor can identify the cause of your neck pain and then recommend a care plan.

Depending on your case your physical therapist or chiropractor may suggest a comprehensive treatment plan entailing spinal adjustments, tissue massage, heat and cold therapy, ultrasound wave sessions, relaxation techniques, simple lifestyle changes, using supportive equipment, at-home stretches and gentle exercises, or more.

Can I take pain relievers and anti-inflammatory meds to treat my neck pain?

Medicine can play a crucial role in intervening when we are in immense pain. In emergency situations when pain and discomfort is high, medication can provide the relief we need. However, it is worth noting that these types of medications should be used temporarily, and not as the primary treatment method to alleviate neck pain. Think of it this way, your neck is in pain and this pain is signaling to your body that something isn’t right. If you just blanket the pain, but don’t address the root cause of it, you may eventually have a much worse and chronic issue to deal with. If you are looking for someone to administer neck pain therapy for you, then a physical therapy center like LeMoine Physical Therapy could be of great help to you.