What Should I Expect During Counseling?

What Should I Expect During Counseling?

Taking the first step to receive counseling can be intimidating for anyone who is new to the process. It is a major decision that is not always easy, but there are many benefits that counseling offers. It is recommended for individuals who suffer from ongoing problems such as mental health disorders, but it is also helpful for anyone who is searching for strategies and solutions to foster self-improvement.

Through counseling, a person can better solidify problem areas in their life and ways to address them. With services offered by an Inverness, IL counseling specialist from Lotus Wellness Center, clients can share their experiences and struggles with a compassionate, trained professional in a judgement-free environment. 

You may have several questions about what the initial appointment will be like and how to prepare for it. Below are a few common questions that you may have about what to expect from your first counseling appointment. 

How Should I Prepare For The First Session?

There are basic things that you can do to prepare for your initial appointment. It is recommended that you bring a list of any questions you have for the counselor to answer. Be prepared to answer basic questions about the reasons you want to attend counseling. Have realistic expectations, which means acknowledging that your issues may not be resolved by the end of the first session. Come to your appointment calm and relaxed.

What Information Do I Need to Share? 

You will fill out paperwork that includes your insurance information, confidentiality agreements, etc. This may be required before or at the start of your session. 

What Topics Will We Go Over? 

During your first counseling session, you and the counselor will have an introductory session. You will go through a simple outline of your treatment plan with the counselor, including the number of expected sessions. The counselor will ask about topics such as your background, symptoms that you have, and goals that you hope to accomplish through counseling sessions. 

The thought of counseling or any therapy may be intimidating to you, which is a normal and natural response. Clients have to warm up to a comfortable state where they can be vulnerable and open to sharing their thoughts and feelings. This may take several sessions to acclimate to, but you are not expected to be immediately open right away. Schedule an appointment today if you would like to discover if counseling may be beneficial for you.