What To Do After an Injury Sustained in an Uber Accident

Car Accident Doctor

After a car accident involving an Uber, you might be left wondering what to do. The good news is you don’t really have to take any steps differently than you would in an accident without an Uber. The one main difference between typical car accidents and those involving Ubers is where compensation comes from when the Uber driver is responsible for the accident. You might be eligible for compensation from the driver’s personal insurer or through the Uber company. If you were injured in an Uber accident, you should consider taking the following measures.

Call the Police

You’ll want to have a police report so you can provide it when you file your claim. Police officers do not take sides and will simply state in the report what happened to cause the accident. The insurance companies will then have this information to help determine who was at fault for the accident.

Calling 911 gives you access to first responders to provide initial treatment for your injuries and for others involved in the accident. Be sure you inform the dispatcher that there are injuries so the appropriate responders are sent to the scene as quickly as possible.

Get Medical Help

If you are injured, it’s important that you receive medical treatment. When the paramedics arrive, make sure you have some time with them so they can check out your injuries. If the injuries are serious, you might end up taking a ride in the ambulance to the hospital for more examinations.

Collect Evidence

You don’t want to be left paying for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Whether you were the passenger in the Uber, another driver, or a pedestrian, you should gather evidence that proves what happened, and who is to blame, as well as the extent of your damages. Evidence may include photos of the scene, photos of your injuries, medical bills, statements from your doctors, statements from witnesses, and other similar documents. If you are unable to do this because of your injuries, ask a trusted person at the scene to use your cell phone (if possible) to take photos and video of relevant evidence.

Call an Attorney

A personal injury attorney might be best equipped to help you when it comes to filing a claim for your injuries. If the Uber driver was transporting a passenger, the Uber company has insurance to cover a limited amount of damages caused by any of their drivers. If the Uber driver did not yet enter your ride into the Uber app you may have to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance company.

There are many types of injuries that a victim may be able to include in their claim in order to recover their financial damages. An experienced car accident doctor in Potomac, MD such as one from  Pain Arthritis Relief Center can diagnose your injuries and provide information to the insurance company for your claim.